Our Repair Process at Montrose Auto Body

It’s natural to feel stressed when your car is damaged and needs repairs! At Montrose Auto Body, we try to alleviate some of your stress by educating you about our timely and organized repair process. We feel that with the more knowledge you have, the less anxiety and stress you’ll experience. Your estimator will contact you throughout the process via email or phone. Just let us know which contact method you prefer.

Our Body Shop’s Repair Process is as follows:

  1. We check in your vehicle.
  2. Your car is pre-washed.
  3. Your vehicle’s damage is assessed.
  4. After the damage is assessed, we develop a plan for performing the repairs.
  5. Before moving forward, we receive authorization from your insurance.
  6. We order the parts.
  7. Parts come in for your vehicle, and we repair the physical damage to your car.
  8. Your vehicle is painted if needed.
  9. We reassemble your car.
  10. Your car’s exterior and interior is cleaned and washed.
  11. We inspect the repairs as a part of our quality control process.
  12. We contact you once our auto body shop has finished the repairs for your car.

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